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5/12/2015 Letter to City Council: Please amend Article 7 of the new CZO in order to to protect our public parks.
5/6/2015 City Park golf opponents move to stop construction of championship course
5/6/2015 City Park swings big on golf with sport's popularity in the rough
4/21/2015 Plea to City Council: Don’t pave our parks! Let the public have a say in what goes where
4/7/2015 Meet ‘Lloyd’ Boover and Ian Bowers: Tree-sitters who want nothing more than New Orleans City Park to halt golf course plans
4/7/2015 Dennis Persica: City Park golf course stirs controversy
4/4/2015 BAD SPORT: A golf course vs. nature's course in City Park
3/31/2015 Guest commentary: Golf course a poor use for City Park land
3/31/2015 New City Park golf course will greatly benefit New Orleans, says First Tee's Chip Patterson
3/30/2015 City Park promises legal action against trespassers trying to block new golf course
3/29/2015 City Park CEO calls latest protest of golf course 'vandalism,' 'trespassing'
3/28/2015 A Bait-and-Switch Maneuver from City Park
3/28/2015 The revised 2014 City Park Master Plan
3/28/2015 2014 Revised Land Use Plan Showing Downsized Master Plan for Golf and NOT showing the planned destruction of 5.5 acres of Couturie Forest.
3/28/2015 Second protester occupies tree in attempt to halt City Park golf project
3/28/2015 City Park issues statement as another person climbs up tree to protest new golf course
3/27/2015 Activist in City Park New Orleans falls from tree, gets medical attention; officials: case now handled by law enforcement
3/27/2015 Tensions Flare Over New Orleans City Park Golf Course
3/26/2015 Coalition files lawsuit to stop new golf course in City Park
3/26/2015 City Park coalition files lawsuit to halt golf course construction
3/26/2015 Group to file lawsuit to stop new City Park golf course
3/25/2015 Justice of the Trees: Group to File Suit Against City Park Golf Course
3/24/2015 Tree where City Park golf course protester lived for 11 days cut down, group says
3/23/2015 FEMA's Draft Environmental Assessment.
3/21/2015 MailBag: Golfer Tees Off On New Course
3/20/2015 New Orleans Locals Fight to Keep City Park “Wild and Free”
3/19/2015 Wild Is Free: Tree Sitter Protests New Orleans Golf Course Construction
3/19/2015 Keep City Park unspoiled by a golf course: A letter to the editor
3/18/2015 A New Orleans City Park tree-sitting protestor speaks out
3/17/2015 Golf Gold

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